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Love getting my A&D from Kat – she always answers questions and gets back to me quickly. She does her best to snag items for me at request if she doesn’t already have them in inventory. Excellent customer service, knowledgeable on sizing and her product information, has a lot of styles and variety that she constantly keeps up-to-date with A&D launches, and super quick delivery turnaround. Awesome clothing, awesome rep!

Love! Amazing response time – she was out of town and still made sure to answer all of my questions! Kat is on top of all the newest items coming out and lets her clients know and see what the product will look like. Definitely one of my favorite reps!

Kat is Awesome! She replied to my question on sizing within minutes! She was absolutely right about my size on the wrap top! It fits me perfect & I love it! I’ve already placed another order with Kat!

Love A&D clothes! Kat is great at customer service – prompt to answer questions and address messages, no hassle returns when I have bought items that were too big. I have also had Kat in my home for a Pop Up and she was very professional and organized. Thank you, Kat!

Purchasing A&D from Kat has been a pleasure. She is available to answer messages and ships your order quickly. Kat is also a real sweetheart, and you can tell how much she values her customers by her interactions. She is a gem!

Agnes and Dora is a US-based women’s clothing/fashion business. The brand specializes in the design and production of quality, fashion-forward and comfortable products for women of different style preferences, shapes, heights, and ages, to make sure that they feel beautiful and confident in the latest trends nationwide.

Buffy Bandley established the Agnes and Dora brand in 2013 out of her garage. Once she realized that her life was not where she wished it to be, she decided to take charge and create something amazing for both herself and her family. Once Buffy’s creative juices started flowing, she found her calling in fashion and marketing and that was the start of something beautiful for Consultants and Customers alike.

Buffy came to realize that many women also share her passion for fashion and decided to channel this energy and enthusiasm into something tangible by creating an amazing business opportunity. Through her generosity, she has been able to share the joy of being financially free through facilitating growth outside of established comfort zones and offering the chance to get involved with a hugely supportive and successful home based business opportunity, represented by Agnes and Dora.

Buffy’s grandmother, Maurine Startup, wrote a book in the 1960’s, which led Buffy to find inspiration for the name of her brand. The book is titled “The Secret Power of Femininity“. According to the book, every woman has two sides. In a nod to the novel “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens – Dora is the fun, loving, and playful woman while her best friend Agnes exudes quiet strength, femininity and a nurturing spirit.

The goal is for women to bring out both of the sides of the traits within themselves and apply them to achieve a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life with lasting relationships. Dora and Agnes represent the yin and yang of a woman to achieve complete balance. The business focuses on building and empowering women to find confidence and balance in how they work, feel, look, and play.

The focus is to encourage women to apply a balance and confidence in all aspects of their lives both inward and outward.

Having such a balance in their lives helps empower women to build their business while the clothes they wear gives them the confidence to face the challenges that life throws at them every day.

Female empowerment is the mission of the Agnes and Dora brand, truly embodying an ethos that we can all feel incredible about supporting. In its efforts to promote female empowerment, Agnes and Dora actually names the majority of their dress styles after strong female historical figures in an effort to provide inspiration where we least expect to find it – in our closets.

Comfortable clothing is something that all women love and once that perfect item is found, it is simply something that they are unable to do without. Agnes and Dora understands this and produces a clothing line that reflects the need to maintain a balance between style and livability. The clothing line consists of tops, dresses, skirts, and leggings all in very soft, durable and comfy materials. To top it all off, much of the clothing produced by the brand is actually made in the USA. Agnes and Dora uses high quality fabrics and amazing patterns that work for women of different body shapes, from curvy to petite.

So…this all sounds wonderful, but how do I get these comfortable and stylin’ items? The best way to get Agnes and Dora products in your location is through an Independent Sales Representative either locally, or if you are like me and prefer to shop in your pajamas, just shop right here! Just click on the ‘Shop Now‘ button and you will be taken to a page where you can get started with building your own Agnes and Dora wardrobe. Need a price list or sizing chart? Find one HERE.

If you love style and fashion and would like to have a fashion boutique but lack the funds to invest in a physical store you should consider getting involved with the Agnes and Dora brand. It is now easier than ever to have your own home-based business in the fashion industry courtesy of this company. It is no secret that women love new clothes and fashion accessories and this brand caters to them fabulously. If you are a woman with a passion for fashion and would like to empower yourself to achieve success at your own pace, you should consider becoming an Agnes and Dora rep yourself.

The start up Kit from Agnes and Dora is essentially a business-in-a-box. You will find that the kit contains all the marketing tools required for starting your own business, in addition to some pretty enviable swag. The kits themselves are handpicked in two sizes – and contain a nice selection and variety of seasonal and staple items.

Different people have different tastes and styles. Agnes and Dora knows this well, and has come to the conclusion that it is best to allow their Representatives to choose their OWN inventory, and to allow them to begin ordering the moment their initial kit is purchased. Amen to not getting stuck with crazy prints that will sit on your racks for months, right?

Why Should You Sell Agnes and Dora over other Brands?

Start up Cost

Agnes and Dora offers two packages that you can choose from, which means that you get to choose the option that best fits your budget to get your business going. With other fashion/clothing related direct selling businesses, packages start at $5000 or more. For a person getting started with fashion sales, it is a no-brainer that Agnes and Dora is the better option.

Number of Reps

If you are looking to join a fashion-related direct selling company, it is important to look at the size of the company and find out how saturated the market is with regards to reps. You will be surprised to learn that Agnes and Dora currently has less than 2000 reps in the US and Canada. In comparison, other direct selling companies have over 70,000 reps with more on the waiting list. Agnes and Dora is clearly the perfect ‘ground level’ opportunity.

Payment Processing

Agnes and Dora gives you the freedom to choose how your customers will be making their payments. You will find that being able to choose how to invoice your customers is incredibly refreshing. Square and PayPal are currently the most popular options, but the company still supports other methods. Other direct selling companies use custom and incredibly frustrating payment processing methods.

Inventory Control

Agnes and Dora gives you complete control over your inventory. Once the company sends you the initial Start up Kit and you have identified the tastes of your customers you are free to choose the inventory you buy for your business. This will give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your clients and cater to your customer base by offering products that they love.

Comfy and Stylish Clothes

You obviously wouldn’t represent a company if you didn’t like what it has to offer – but the fact of the matter is that Agnes and Dora offers classic and wearable style. The brand boasts fun prints that are not too crazy, which means that your clients will find them easy to integrate into their existing wardrobe. The fashion line includes lots of tribals, geometrics, and paisley patterns as well as solids and stripes – and they excel in offering GORGEOUS florals.

Quality Fabrics

Agnes and Dora uses superior quality fabrics to make its products, which is what set is apart from other brands. The brand has many pieces made of modal fabric which is incredibly soft, does not shrink as much, and features super reinforced stitching. You will be pleased with all the cuts of each piece that your try. The clothes are also made in the USA except for the leggings, which is testament to their quality.

Stock Photos

If you would like to sell anything online and especially clothes, it is important to have quality photos. If you are into photography and love capturing your own professional looking photos, it is possible to do that. However, Agnes and Dora fortunately provides you with stock photos that you can use. The photos the company provides feature real people wearing the clothes you are selling. This gives you the time to focus on other important things for your business such as organizing inventories, spending time with your family, or organizing marketing events such as parties.

Small Minimum Orders

The focus on small minimum orders here does not imply that you don’t plan to work on building your business. You should actually be planning to order substantially more than the minimum. However, having a minimum order requirement of just $100 takes away the stress of selling. If an emergency arises and you have to step away for a while, it won’t be a big deal.

How Do You Sell Your Inventory?

You can adopt one of several approaches to sell your Agnes and Dora inventory but social media is the most popular one. Here are 3 effective approaches to selling your inventory.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of the most effective ways to sell Agnes and Dora inventory. It basically involves creating a closed group page comprising of your friend who you believe would be interested in buying products from the brand.

You will be using the live feature within that group that Facebook provides to advertise your products. This approach is quite effective since it gives your friends and family the opportunity to see exactly what they are buying first hand.


Periscope is yet another platform that you can use to advertise your clothes to people from all over the country that know about the brand and would like to purchase its products. For this, you will need to have a Periscope account and know how to use it.

Home Pop-Up Parties

A home pop-up party is some of the most effective way to sell your Agnes and Dora inventory. Home pop-up parties simply allow people to come to your home to shop your inventory. Alternatively, you could carry your inventory with you to a friend or relative’s house and allow them to invite their friends over to buy from you. Home pop-up parties are more effective since buyers actually have the opportunity to try on the clothing and see it up close and personal.

The Party Site

This is the number one way to sell your inventory in an online environment. Agnes and Dora does not require you to pay for outside platforms to sell your product. We asked for it, and they custom developed our OWN platform that is incredible, and is improved more and more every day. Your customers will love the beautiful format, and you will love the ease of entering inventory with stock photos already in place. WIN.

The Bottom Line

The initial investment that comes along with signing up for selling with Agnes and Dora means that it requires some consideration and preparation before you make a decision. Building a successful business requires a business plan, time, and dedication.

If you are a stay at home mom and wondering whether it is the opportunity for you, the truth is that it is. All you have to do is schedule, plan, and be consistent, but it is beyond attainable. However, it is important to have a good sponsor if you would like to be successful. I would love to welcome you to my team, but I absolutely encourage “shopping around” to find the right fit.